Technically, we are an online, member’s only club designed exclusively for Airline Crews. We offer a wide range of experiences and activities in many cities around the world at attractive discounts for our members to be enjoyed during their layover…

But we are much more than that!

Everybody likes to spend less, duh!, so our City Managers bring you some of the trendiest places in the cities you visit with special prices so you can optimize your allowance

To make your experience even better, we have some great social options. You can post or join a hangout and meet new people, find a partner to play a round of golf, to have a couple of drinks or anything you think of!

Based in Dubai but born global, our goal is to be where you are, which is everywhere. You can see in the world map bellow where we are as per today...

Our team is formed by crews as well as other ultra motivated and multicultural specialized young professionals.

We are constantly evolving and adapting, if you miss any destination in our list, any activity you want to enjoy or just anything you want to comment us please drop us an email to: [email protected] (a tweet, facebook post or just clicking here will also do the trick) and let us prove that our goal is to make your life better and more enjoyable.

We care about your layover, that is why we have partnered with UBER to make your trips more pleasant, no more explaining to a Chinese taxi driver in which hotel you stay ;)

We aim to help you become what you truly are…a citizen of the world. And enjoy the benefits of it!

All our destinations… and more to come!